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RigOutboard, innovative outboard engine and above all, technology on your ship are our areas of expertise. And it's been this way for over 15 years.

RigOutboard was then, as it is today, in family hands, led by its founder Henry Koon. The former one-man company now has more than 80 employees, ships over 20,000 different products in the US and around the world. Our office space has gone from a meager 50 sqm “hole in the wall” in Colorado to an impressive 4,800 sqm area of office and warehouse space.

But what makes RigOutboard really stand out? Our top priority is the 100% satisfaction of our customers. We don’t think in terms of quarterly figures or final reports, we deal in leisure not insurance! Our goal is to provide all boat enthusiasts with a paradise, which has an extensive product selection, superior technical advice and short delivery times. With us, internal formalities are thrown to the side, so that we can promote an equal playing field among employees. And that’s exactly what makes RigOutboard and its team so unique: We are experienced and quick, we are educated and trained, we are young.

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