The large 21.4 cubic inch displacement powerhead of the Mercury 15 hp outboard motor develops plenty of low-end torque, making it an excellent source of power for medium to larger sized fishing boats as well as kicker and trolling applications. With the Mercury 15 HP outboard engine find Mercury’s multi-function tiller handle, easy auto-ratchet tilt, and vibration-absorbing wishbone mounts are just a few of the exclusive features found on Mercury 15hp models. The 15 HP Mercury outboard motor is available with 15 inch, 20 inch or 25 inch shafts and choose between electric or manual start..

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2021 Mercury 15 HP EFI 15EXLHPT-CT-PK

WEIGHT= 135.0lb
Shaft Length: 25" (Extra Long)
Starting: Electric

2021 Mercury 15 HP EFI Outboard Motors

WEIGHT= 130.0lb
Shaft Length: 20" (Extra Long)
Starting: Electricl