What is the difference between a regular outboard motor and a Mercury Jet-Drive Outboard Motor?

Mercury Jet-Drive Outboard Motors are specifically designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls and traditional outboard motors are unable to operate. Because Mercury Jet-Drive Outboard Motors have no lower unit extending below the hull, boaters can navigate over obstacles that would restrict access to boats with a propeller-driven outboard motor.

Benefits of Mercury Jet-Drive Outboards

When the water’s too shallow for traditional outboard motors, turn to Mercury Jet Outboards:

  • The engine’s gear case is replaced with a jet pump that sits even with the bottom of your boat.
  • Designed for extreme shallow-water operation.
  • Heart-racing acceleration.
  • Excellent handing and top-speed maneuvering.

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2021 Mercury 25 HP 25ELHGA Jet

WEIGHT= 195.0lb
Shaft Length: 20" (Long)
Starting: Electric

2021 Mercury 25 HP 25MLHGA Jet

WEIGHT= 186.0lb
Shaft Length: 20" (Long)
Starting: Manual